This is going to be an ongoing exciting project to show you how I write music and to raise funds for VH1’s “Save The Music” Foundation

The idea is that I am going to use video to document the process I take when writing a song from start to finish.

To get a better idea of the project, please watch the following video


Mike Deiure

Watch The Rock Guitar Power TV Series Starting Here!
(Click on the links above the videos to get a more detailed description of what the videos are about)

Intro – Check Out The Recording Studio Where I Write My Music

Episode 1 – Intro Guitar Melody And Chord Changes

Episode 2 – Rhythm Jamming And Right Hand Technique

Episode 3 – Soloing and Shredding Over Chord Progression

Episode 4 – Recording and Arranging Ideas In Logic

Episode 5 – New Guitar Melody & Using Effects

Episode 6 – The New Recording Studio Is Done!