My name is Mike Deiure and I wanted to introduce myself and give you some of my background as a guitar teacher and musician. I’ve been teaching guitar and piano professionally for over 15 years now and I have worked with literally hundreds of students. With this amount of experience I have come to find the necessary things for students to focus on learning so that they are interested in playing the guitar but also see fast results so that they will want to continue to learn and get better.

I started to study guitar at the age of thirteen after I had studied piano for eight years. It was players such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, and John Petrucci that first got me into really wanting to learn how to rock on guitar and be the best I could be at it. I studied classical guitar for a few years at The State University of New York at Fredonia and then transferred into the Music Industry program at SUNY Oneonta. I began teaching full time right out of college in 02’ and have been doing it ever since. Over the years teaching has not only made me a better guitar player but has also given me the opportunity to work with many different students who all have different ways of learning. After years of trial and error I have been able to successfully find a style of teaching that has been proven to work with ALL of my students. As students progress and get better, they will always want to go in their own direction, however if a solid understanding of the basics has not been built, then they will find it difficult to play and write the music that they are most passionate about. In Rock Guitar Power, I focus on creating and building that basic foundation so that you are able to play and understand all the things that make up rock music.

Another aspect of my career that has provided me with a lot of insight as a guitar teacher is my involvement as a recording engineer and record producer. I got involved with writing and recording my own music almost as soon as I started learning guitar. It was around the time when I finished college in 02’ that I became very busy recording and producing other musicians. This is where I learned just how important it is to have good playing technique and control of your instrument. There is no better way to gauge how well you progress as a player than by recording yourself and listening to how you sound after you play something. It was this discipline that made me understand how to get students to focus on technique so that they would be confident in their playing and always sound good when playing for others. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS RECORD AND LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYING!!!!!!

I’ve also kept busy over the years as a performer. Whether it’s been playing solo at a coffee shop or playing a show with a number of different bands that I have been a part of, performing and playing for other people is, in my opinion, the best part of learning to play guitar because it gives you the opportunity to show others what you have been working so hard to achieve. Performing also gives you more confidence as a player so GET OUT THERE AND SHOW EM WHAT YOU GOT!!!!!

By now you can probably figure out that I am very passionate about guitar and teaching others how to play and have fun with the instrument. For me there has been no bigger reward to playing a guitar than to teach other people how to play it as well. My biggest wish has been that I could teach and reach out to more people and now “Rock Guitar Power” has enabled me to do just that. This program is an exact clone of what I do with my students who study privately with me. If it works for them, it will work for you guaranteed!!!