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I just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying your programs.
Your “Jammin’ with the Band” and “Guitar Pro Jam” Series are excellent!
Theses programs have been a great way for me to practice at any time when there is no one available to jam with.  My rhythm, timing  and improvisational skills are definitely  improving.  Great stuff!
I am glad I decided to try it out.
Pete Atshaves
-New York, NY

I would like to give my thoughts on rockguitarpower.com. I’m in my 50’s and started playing 8 years ago.
When I started I stumbled for a few years on my own, trying to learn up every bit of info I could find out there.

It became apparent to me, that to really PLAY guitar, you need a teacher to point out mistakes and help nudge you along.
I take occasional lessons when time permits, but mostly feel comfortable at my own pace. Then I discovered ROCK GUITAR POWER! This was stuff that showed me a PATH to learning, I had not found before and I sure had TRIED to find it. lol

After watching some of Mike’s videos, I felt like he had some of the answers I was looking for. I contacted Mike and he pointed me in a direction which has helped me tremendously. I have a PLAN now! If you are looking for some help in getting you over your guitar hurdles, look no further. ROCK GUITAR POWER and Mike Deiure can show you the way.

Tom Copeland
-Saugus. Mass

P.S. Check out a few of my guitars!

3 guitars

Hi Mike
I’ve been practicing everyday for a least 1 hour plus and that includes your lessons. I just love the connections you showed me between the minor and major pentatonic scales and the diagonal scale.  This just brings the whole fretboard to life.  Am currently concentrating on playing blues riffs using all 3 scales for now.  Learning something new like this just keeps you moving forward.

Thanks again

Tom Corday,
-Hopatcong, NJ

I would like to give my testimonial about rockguitarpower.com. My name is Eric Vitola and I have been playing guitar for about ten years. I have played various genra’s  from Flamenco to Rock. I’m not a professional but I have purchased thousands of dollars of dvd instructional videos and private lessons along with exploring every site on the web I could find. Unfortunately, most sites and dvds were either to basic or too much information to follow, more or less just disorganized!!

However, I stumbled upon rockguitarpower.com and I’m more than thrilled I did. Rock guitar power has a vast array of informative and Useful tools in one’s journey to play guitar to their best potiential. The theory spoke about ( Modes) is simple to understand and applies to anyone’s playing no matter what genra they play.

Therefore, I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in making a positive move in the proper direction in their guitar quest to go to rockguitarpower.com site no matter what type of music they play.

Thanks for reading,

Eric Vitola- Tampa, Florida

I love Rock Guitar Power!! Really cool stuff! And, Mike is awesome!! If U haven’t yet, check it out!

Amanda Hoffman-

P.S. These are my babies!

I should have been a much better guitar player for as long as i have been playing. I signed up for your individual
song lessons at first, in a short time frame i realized how great the lessons were and how much the lessons held
me to me a much better player. I was so impressed that i signed up for the full lessons. Again your lessons have
brought me to a new level of playing and i can’t wait for future results of your lessons.
I thank you for that…

Dave Williams

Hi, this is FenGib from Montreux , Switzerland.

Iv’e only  been playing Guitar for approximately 1year 6 months. I still consider myself as a Beginner but I guess that’s relevant  depending from which stand point  you’re looking from, Learning Guitar is a life time process, but thanks to RockGuitar Power and Mike Deiure  I’m making progress and now start to be intermediate in my playing.
Starting out on your Guitar Journey is difficult. Learning Chords  and getting your fingers around them and getting your fingers to do what you want can be very frustrating in the beginning. Especially if your older like me where finger are not so flexible as when you where young, and the learning process its self is easier when your younger.Learning Strumming and Rhythm pattens ,Scales , Notes  , Finding your way around the fretboard . Bends, Slides , Vibrato etc,etc. Not to mention reading Tab , and Music Theory. Then there’s  all the Course out there on the Web literally hundreds some good some bad, a lot just plain rubbish and bad quality promising you their make you a Guitar God in no time.
All this can be pretty frustrating for a beginner or even intermediate player, where do you start how do you go on. Iv’e always loved and admire the Guitar what a beautiful Instrument. But never had the opportunity or time when I was younger, But frustration and all these difficulties and growing pains one after the other is not exactly our dreams is it, or very inspiring . We what to enjoy and have pleasure from our Guitar Playing not frustration and boredom  and feel degraded and lost and give up because it seems to difficult. Well one good Place to have a lot of Fun with your Guitar is definitely Mike’s Rock Guitar Power Course
What a life saver this site is , It makes the whole thing “Fun ” again. Now you can actually get to play with a Band ( in the comfort of your own home).
Rock Guitar Power offers everything in Quality, good clear Video’s where you see  whats happening , not like some where you can hardly see whats happening and a small little screen looking lost in the middle of your computer,Excellent clear understandable   instruction, Chord diagrams ,Song Tab,  etc, .
This is a real Fun way to learn and increase your skills, RockGuitar Power really  doe’s offer everything you need to get you actual playing and Mike makes it easy and explains well.
Thanks to you Mike

-Fen Gib,
Montreux, Switzerland

I have been in business for 20+ years and your customer service is remarkable. I am also impressed with you and your staff for such a fast turn around on your emails. GREAT JOB!


I have always loved the sound of guitar music, be it classical or metal. About two years ago i signed my kids and I up for guitar lesson, after about a month my teachers wife passed away and he needed time to sort things out, when i returned he had left. So since then I have been trying to teach my self, with not much success as I couldn’t figure out the books etc

My idea was to be able to pick up my guitar and play any piece of sheet music. After a while I got disappointed and stopped trying to learn, then recently I found your web site and now i’m practicing every day! I have my books out and am starting to understand how to read music, and tabs.

Thanks for the great information and lessons, it has really helped me to understand tabs and how to be a better guitar player. I am still learning a lot and managed to get happy birthday played with out too much problems and part of sweet child o’ mine, just need to speed it up and it will be good to go.

Thank you for the free lessons and all the support!

-Dean Dugtig

I have been playing guitar for a couple of years and only recently found Rock Guitar Power. I was needing a good program on guitar modes as I was finding it hard learning them through text books, when I did Mike’s program on modes, I found it to be so helpful in learning the modes and understanding how to apply them. I already feel so much more confident in playing them and I am a much better player now for it. Thank you so much Mike, you really rock!

-Ryan, Western Australia

Here is a video by Sanjeev George Varghese, one of Rock Guitar Power’s members. In the video he is jamming along to one of his favorite tunes called “Signs” by Scavenger Project:

“I love Rock Guitar Power. It teaches me awesome
techniques and step-by-step advice that I could never learn
by book! I’m so grateful I heard about this program, I
would’ve never learned guitar!!!!”

-Abby Grasta
Rochester, NY

“Learning from “Rock Guitar Power” is
a great way to learn new techniques while playing songs that I love!

-Chris Maltzan

“When you started my 7-year-old, Jonathan, on
your “Rock Guitar Power” course of study, I never
dreamed he would do so well and enjoy it so much. It’s
pretty tough to get any youngster to do ANYTHING every day but
he just does it on his own. He is so proud of his progress and
can’t wait to show me what he’s learned. The results
have been beyond my expectations and he is on his way to becoming
the next Steve Vai. At least, that’s his goal.”

Thank you,
John Dretto
Jonathan Dretto, age 9

“I have looked for years for a guitar teacher
for my 2 sons. After they got into “Rock Guitar Power”
they have been playing guitar everyday and have started their
own rock band!”

One Happy Mom!
-Lu Kaplan

“Rock Guitar Power” is an exciting video
which has helped our students to not only keep their interest
in lessons, but to further their progress by working with the
methods in this innovative program.

-Fred Costello

Costello Music Instruction

Rochester, N.Y.

Check out Aaron Rizzo!
This kid is only 10 years old and he is well on his way to kicking
some serious butt!

“Mike I ordered your video this week, before I
ordered it I had just been trying to figure out songs on my
own with no prior guitar experience. I’ve had my guitar
for 2 months and so far could only seem to peak out a few notes
from my favorite radio songs, now I have only had your videos
for what like 2 days and already got the minor pentatonic scale
memorized. You made it so easy for me, all I can say is that
I can’t wait to hear how I will sound after 3 months of
working with Rock Guitar Power. Man where have you been my whole
guitar life? Last but not least, my wife doesn’t like
you that much, now she thinks my guitar is my lover since I
got your video.

Keep up the good work man!”
-Kevin Scott
Anderson, Indiana

Thank you Mike! Your videos so far have helped me learn
a lot about playing! I’m going to keep playing with what you
teach because it has taught me so much and I’ve only been with
this site for a week. To everyone new like me to to rock guitar
power, STAY WITH THIS WEBSITE!!!!! Once again thank you Mike
and thank you crators of Rockguitarpower.com!!!

-Brett Kessel

Dulles, Virgina

“As a guitarist, I sometimes come across problems
and frustrations when learning to play new things. RGP has helped
me to better understand how to play what I want to play, which
has made me a better guitar player.”

–Neil Eric Sequeira, 12,

Bombay, India

Here’s a picture that Neil made. Thanks buddy! We look forward
to seeing a video of you ripping it up soon.

I want everyone to know how great this program is! I started it when I was in 5th grade and am still going strong. It is like he is right there with you showing you exactly what to do. I am in 6th grade now and can jam with my uncle who is in a band!! I am the coolest girl in the class, by far!!

-Darian, 11yrs

For anyone looking to get going on guitar, I think RGP will do the trick, good clear video’s and explanations of what to do, at a pretty reasonable price.


Nottingham UK

I’m a total noob when it comes to playing music so I’m very excited about learning rock guitar. I just turned 47 and figured it’s never too late to learn. I’ve been listing to hard rock & metal as long as I can remember and can’t wait to play. My kids just started piano and drum lessons and I thought this is the perfect time to start some lessons myself.

I bought a Squier Stratocaster w/amp on ebay yesterday (sounded like a cheap starter guitar I can pass along to the kids when the time comes to upgrade). As soon as I won the bid I ordered RGP.

I’ll have to practice on a Takamine acoustic until the electric gets here.

So far (1 day) from watching your videos, I have changed the strings, learned how to tune a guitar and played Smoke on the Water – not bad! Well it’s back to open chords for me. I’ll be able to practice more once I get some calluses – ouch!

-Dan Sebolt
Salem, Vermont