RGPTV – Episode 2 – Rhythm Jamming/Right Hand Technique

I’ve been jamming on the chord changes and have been coming up with some really cool stuff.  I’ve been studying the rhythm techniques of Rodrigo y Gabriella and used some of them in this part. It’s an awesome technique and it sounds really cool. Your able to play triplets very fast and controlled. It brings a lot of fire to the sound.  If you haven’t heard of Rodrigo y Gabriella, check them out! There a huge influence on me. Watch the video here:

RGPTV – Episode 1 – Guitar Chords And Melodies

Alright, welcome to the first episode of Rock Guitar Power TV! In this video I am going to show you the chords and melodies that I’m starting my song off with. It’s in the key of Bm and starts off with the chord progressions: |: Bm | Em D :| I came up with the melody by jamming on the B minor scale.  The rest of the parts are pretty much arpeggios for the remaining chords.  Check out the video to learn more!

Guitar TV

This is going to be an ongoing exciting project to show you how I write music and to raise funds for VH1’s “Save The Music” Foundation The idea is that I am going to use video to document the process I take when writing a song from start to finish. To get a better idea of the project, please watch the following video Enjoy! Mike Deiure Watch The Rock Guitar Power TV Series Starting Here! (Click on the links above the videos to get a more detailed description of what the videos are about) Intro – Check Out The Recording…