Rock Guitar Power – The Modes On Guitar

Welcome to “The Modes On Guitar”!

This program is designed to teach you all about the modes and how to best use them for Rock music and expand your playing to be able to utilize the whole entire fretboard when soloing, jamming and creating leads.

The modes can be a confusing topic to learn but after years of teaching them, I’ve found a very specific way that has worked time and time again for lots of students.  The way that I approach teaching this theory principle has been created specifically for guitar and how to best apply them to this instrument.

I’ve taken all the hard to understand, technical mumbo jumbo and put it into a context that is both easy to understand and make use of. To get started, watch the Welcome Video below and move at your own pace. Remember that to make this or any other concept or skill part of your regular playing takes consistent practice and dedication. As you start learning the content in this program, apply it right away to songs your jamming on or writing and it will quickly expand your abilities as a guitar player.

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Intro – Welcome Video


Theory Lessons
The Modes Explained

The Modes Explained

How To Apply The Modes

How To Apply The Modes

Understanding The Degrees

Understanding The Degrees

Understanding Root Notes

Understanding Root Notes

When To Use The Modes

When To Use The Modes

Application – The 7 Modes Explained
1st Degree – Ionian

Ionian Scale

2nd Degree – Dorian

Dorian Scale

3rd Degree – Phrygian

Phyrgian Scale

4th Degree – Lydian

Lydian Scale

5th Degree – Mixolydian

Mixolydian Scale

6th Degree – Aeolian

Aeolin Scale

7th Degree – Locrian

Locrian Scale

Practice, Extras, and Examples
How To Practice The Patterns

How To Practice Scales

The Sound Of The Modes

The Sound Of The Modes


Scale Substitions

In Action – Example 1

Example 1

In Action – Example 2

Example 2

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

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