How To Play Power Chords

This is a guitar lesson that will teach you How To Play Power Chords. It’s geared towards beginners so if you have never played power chords before, this video will walk you through everything you need to know to master them.   Here are the Charts and Tabs Shown in the video lesson:          

Connecting The Dots – Tips For Learning Guitar

I have a lesson today that I wanted to talk about and it’s more of a theory based concept. It’s a great concept because it also relates to the physical side of learning guitar as well. The idea is the importance of “connecting the dots”… and this is both explained as a way to think about how guitar concepts relate to each other, but also the physical aspect of connecting the dots that you’d see on your fretboard and in guitar tabs. This came about when I was doing a live online guitar lesson. At the end of the lesson…