YT Live 6-23-19

Live Lesson Recorded On 6-23-19 Here’s the chord charts and tabs that go along with this lesson: Here’s links to the lessons mentioned in the video: The Minor Pentatonic Scale: The Major Pentatonic Scale: Intro To Songwriting – Harmonic Structure: Jammin With The Band – Proud Mary: The Guitar Pro Jam – ii -V Jam:

YT Live 6-5-19

Live Lesson Recorded On 6-5-19 Here’s the chord charts and tabs that go along with this lesson: Here’s links to the lessons mentioned in the video:Volume 1 Power – Chord LessonVolume 2 Bar – Chord LessonGuitar Pro Jam – Funky Cm Jam

YT Live 5-8-19

Live Lesson Recorded On 5-8-19 Here’s the backing tracks that goes along with this lesson: Full Groove Rhythm Section Full Tempo: 120 bpm Full Tempo: 120 bpm 120 Full Mix 120 Rhythm Section Slower Tempo: 110 bpm Slower Tempo: 110 bpm 110 Full Mix 110 Rhythm Section Slow Tempo: 95 bpm Slow Tempo: 95 bpm 95 Full Mix 95 Rhythm Section

Writing Music In Different Time Signatures

I was jamming out the other morning on a riff I came up with and realized that the riff was not in 4/4 Time… This is a pretty common thing for me and the way that I write music. While a common move would be to re-write the riff in 4/4, so that it’s easier for a drummer and other musicians to groove too…, I LOVE the concept of sticking with what you originally intended and seeing where it goes. I thought this concept would make for a great lesson so here’s a 10 minute video lesson I created where…

NAMM 2019 Review

Here is a video where I talk about some cool products I saw and picked up from the 2019 NAMM show: Here’s links to check out the products mentioned in this video: Tone Wood Amp: Muzic Light: Here’s a whole bunch of pictures I took from the show… Tons of cool guitars, gear, performances and more! [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”4″ gal_title=”Namm 2019″]

Warm Up And Stretching Exercises

Like any physical activity, warming up and stretching are key to being able to perform your best.  Guitar is no different! Along with proper technique, stretching and warming up will help you play better, feel more relaxed and prevent any kind of long term injuries that you might incur from playing. There are tons of great exercises you can do so use these videos to get you started. Warm Up #1-Stretching Warm Up #2-Finger Exercise Warm Up #3-Finger Exercise 2

Artificial Harmonics

This is a technique that is used a lot in Rock Soloing that allows you to make a note scream and turn a normal lick into a scorching run! It’s a little tricky so follow along closely.

Alternate Tunings

While standard tuning is the most popular tuning used for guitar, there are other special tunings that get used a lot in Rock Music. Here are the two you will encounter most often. Drop D Tuning Drop C Tuning