Adam Rafferty – Study With Adam Review

In this video I talk about Adam Rafferty’s website for learning Fingerstyle Guitar. It’s DEFINITELY something to check out. Watch the video to learn why and then click on the link below to check it out! Here’s the link to go check out Adam Rafferty’s website:   Affiliate Disclosure: We do receive compensation from sales of the products mentioned in this review. We have reviewed this product extensively and only promote products that we feel are of the highest quality and worth their investment. 

Closer To The End – Mike Deiure Performance

So I recently finished writing a new tune and it’s called “Closer To The End”. I grabbed a camera and went to my favorite place to play and practice to shoot a video of me performing it. Check it out and please let me know what you think by leaving some comments down below. If your curious about learning any of the techniques or parts to this song, let me know and I can create a lesson or two to teach them to you! So it’s been a LONG time since I’ve finished new music and one of the things…