Live Lesson Recorded On 3-22-20


Here’s the chord charts and tabs that go along with this lesson:




                                                Lick 4

                                               Lick 6



Here’s links to the lessons mentioned in the video:

Guitar Backing (Jam) Tracks –

Soloing & Lead Playing –

Guitar Pro Jam – Rock Groove In A Minor –

Quick Licks 4-

Jam Tracks –


Backing Track:

Rock Groove In A

This is a faster rock rhythm in A minor. Use the minor pentatonic scale starting at the 5th fret or the 15th fret.

Rock Groove In A

Funky C Minor Jam

Sometime you just have to get a little funky! Use the minor pentatonic scale starting at the 8th fret to rock out to this jam

Funky C Minor Jam

Funky Guitar Groove

Here’s a SUPER FUNKY groove to rip some solo’s over! It’s in the key of F Minor so use your Minor Pentatonic or Blues Scales started at either the 1st or 13th Fret

Funky Guitar Groove – Chorus