Closer To The End – Mike Deiure Performance

So I recently finished writing a new tune and it’s called “Closer To The End”. I grabbed a camera and went to my favorite place to play and practice to shoot a video of me performing it. Check it out and please let me know what you think by leaving some comments down below. If your curious about learning any of the techniques or parts to this song, let me know and I can create a lesson or two to teach them to you! So it’s been a LONG time since I’ve finished new music and one of the things…

Live Show Footage With Helmet Cam View

Here’s a really cool video of me playing Bass guitar with Teagan And The Tweeds at Sticky Lips BBQ in Rochester, NY on 3/30/2012. Since I don’t play live shows all that often, I wanted to take this opportunity to do something really cool and a little ridiculous…. To catch some really cool footage I wore a bike helmet with a helmet cam attached to it during one of the songs so that you can see what it looks like from my perspective on stage! Yes I looked pretty stupid, but it was a ton of fun and we caught…

Asturias Classical Guitar Performance

In this video I perform the classical guitar piece “Asturias” by Issac Albeniz. I also talk about some guitar practicing ideas that you can use when learning difficult guitar songs. Enjoy! What songs have you been wanting to learn on guitar? If they sound too hard or difficult Do Not Let That Stop You! You CAN learn and play anything you want to. Set goals and work every day towards achieving those goals, whether it’s for playing guitar or anything else. I had a goal of learning this piece of music the very day I first heard it which was…

Hard Rock Guitar Lesson – Rock It By Sub Focus

In this lesson we are going to check out a killer hard rock song by the group Sub Focus. They actually write electronic music and I came across this song while listening to Pandora. It’s got the coolest hard rock groove and it’s great for learning by ear, jammin too and soloing over. Check out this video where I teach you the main riffs and talk about how to have some fun rocking out to this track! Here’s a link where you can pick up this track from itunes: Here’s a link to Sub Focus’s Website:

Asturias Guitar Lesson – Metronome and Melody Practice

In this video I show you the intro to a classical piece called “Asturias” by Issac Albeniz. I use this song to create a lesson about focusing on melody and using a metronome. This is an Awesome piece of music that I have committed learning. Check it out and I’ll keep you up to date on the progress. There are many classical guitarists who play and perform this piece but my favorite is John Williams. Go here to see an amazing performance of it:

Playing Bass With Teagan & The Tweeds

I had a blast playing Bass with Teagan & The Tweeds this weekend! This video is from a show we played on 4/16/2011 at Johnny’s Irish Pub in Rochester, N.Y. In it were playing an original tune called “He Gotta Go” To learn more about the BEST band I’ve ever had the pleasure of Recording, Producing, & Playing In, check out their website:

Mike Deiure Plays Some Piano

So I got started in music not on guitar but Piano! I played from 2nd grade all the way up until college. I learned a really cool tune by Yanni called “Marching Season” and in this video I make an attempt at playing it for you. Keep in mind I have not played in awhile so my chops were pretty stale. I had access to a really nice keyboard while a band I was working with had their gear in my studio. So check it out….