Here’s a new original tune that I wrote called “Big Sky”. I worked on this song on and off for the better part of a year. I had most of it done relatively quickly but couldn’t find those last few parts to tie everything together with.

I was on a trip to Montana at the beginning of the summer when I was working on it and found the parts to finish the song… so I named it after the Big Sky state!


Something that I’ve noticed about my writing style is that I get inspiration from many different places, but the environments I resonate with have a lot to do with how songs develop. I have been visiting Montana a couple times a year for the last few years and I personally believe that even if I’m not there when I work on a song like this… The memories and emotions of being in a place like that have a profound effect on what comes out of me when it’s time to write.

So even though I only finished this song while I was in Montana, I believe that my previous trips there have made this song what it is. Please leave a comment below if you have similar experiences or would just like to talk about where your inspiration comes from!