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“Rock Guitar Power is an exciting program which has helped our students to not only keep their interest in lessons, but to further their progress by working with the methods in this innovative program”
-Fred Costello

Costello Music Instruction
Rochester, NY
Thank you Mike! Your videos so far have helped me learn a lot about playing. I’m going to keep playing with what you teach because it has taught me so much and I’ve only been with this site for a week. To everyone new like me to Rock Guitar Power, STAY WITH THIS PROGRAM!!! Once again thank you Mike!
Brett Kessel
Dulles, Virgina
TI’m a total noob when it comes to playing music so I’m very excited about learning rock guitar. I just turned 47 and figured it’s never too late to learn. My kids just strated piano and drum lessons and I thought this is the perfect time to start some lessons myself.
So far in 1 day from watching your videos, I have changed my strings, learned how to tune and played Smoke On The Water-Not Bad! Well it’s back to open chords for me.

-Dan Sebolt
Salem, Vermont
As a guitarist, I sometimes come across problems and frustrations when learning to play new things. RGP has helped me to better understand how to play what I want to play, which has made me a better guitar player.
-Neil Eric Sequeira (12 years old)
Bombay, India


What Are The Benefits To Learning With Rock Guitar Power vs. Taking Private Guitar Lessons?

Rock Guitar Power

  • Learn in the privacy of your own home or where ever you have an internet connection
  • Save on gas and travel expenses
  • Set your own schedule and study as much as you want
  • Learn at your own pace with an effective program

Private Guitar Lessons

  • Drive to a music studio and sit in a tiny, stuffy room
  • Pay for missed lessons, gas and time away from other things you could be doing
  • Be attached to the same short 30 minute time slot every week
  • Be at the mercy of some random guitar teacher that will probably go too fast or slow and not care much about your progress


How Much Money Do You Save With Rock Guitar Power vs. Private Lessons?

If I were to take the average student and start them from scratch, it would probably take at least 5 months of lessons to cover all the content in this program.

Now… If you take the typical 1/2 hour lesson price of $21 a week and then multiply that by 5 months…You will have spent at least $420!!!


Don’t freak out though because Rock Guitar Power won’t cost you anywhere near that!


It’s Time To Rock! Order Rock Guitar Power

Try RGP For Only $4.95!

Package #1 – The All Access Rock Star Package

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Everything in Rock Guitar Power Including…

Volume 1 Volume 2 Soloing & Lead Playing
The Modes On Guitar Jammin With The Band
Rock Guitar Power Volume 1
Value $49
Rock Guitar Power Volume 2
Value $49
Soloing and Lead Playing
Value $55
The Modes On Guitar
Value $55

Value $49
Plus all 3 Rocking Bonus Packages:
Guitar Setup and Maintenance + The Songwriting Course + The Free Content Members Area

Total Value = $257

Today Only $79

But Pay Just $4.95 To Test It Out For A Week!
(Save $178… over 30% off!)


You will pay the initial charge of $4.95 for access to all the content listed above for 7 days. You will then be charged a one time fee of $74.05
*Please Note: All the videos and lessons in this package are digital which means you will gain access to them by watching them online. No physical DVD’s will be sent out.



Package #2 – The Basic Package

Perfect For The Beginning Guitar Player Looking To Kick Start Their Skills The Right Way!

Volume 1
Volume 2
Plus all 3 Rocking Bonus Packages:
Rock Guitar Power Volume 1 & Rock Guitar Power Volume 2 All For $94
(Save $45!!!)
Order Rock Guitar Power
*Please Note: All the videos and lessons in this package are digital which means you will gain access to them by watching them online. No physical DVD’s will be sent out.

Package #3 – The Shred Master Package

If Your Ready To Own The Fretboard, These Two Courses Are Going To Turn You Into A Soloing Monster!

Soloing & Lead Playing
The Modes On Guitar
Plus all 3 Rocking Bonus Packages:
Soloing and Lead Playing & The Modes On Guitar All For $110
(Save $51!!!)
Order Rock Guitar Power
*Please Note: All the videos and lessons in this package are digital which means you will gain access to them by watching them online. No physical DVD’s will be sent out.

If you have any questions about ordering the Rock Guitar Power, please send an email to:

Just In Case You Forgot, I Wanted To Remind You That All Purchases Are Backed By…

I am fully committed to providing you with only the best rock guitar learning method possible. If you are not 100% satisfied with Rock Guitar Power, then simply let me know within 60 days and I will refund your money in full.
I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears into these videos and I am positive that you will enjoy working with them. If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with them, then I want to know and I want to give you your money back so that we can remain on good terms.

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More Great Testimonials…
Rock Guitar Power is a fun and helpful way to learn and excel at guitar. There is something for every skill level that will help you improve as a player. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced shredder, there are sections of RGP that help with may different skills and techniques.
-Grant Clark
The modes on guitar coarse has brought me to a clearer understanding of using the modes. These lessons are clear, easy to follow and are presented in a logical fashion so even I could understand. I watched a hodge-podge of other videos that left me more confused. Rock Guitar Power is on the mark!
-James Grewe
I have been playing guitar for a couple of years and only recently found Rock Guitar Power. I was needing a good program on guitar modes as I was finding it hard learning them through text books, when I did Mike’s program on modes, I found it to be so helpful in learning the modes and understanding how to apply them. I already feel so much more confident in playing them and I am a much better player now for it. Thank you so much Mike, you really rock!
-Ryan, Western Australia


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