The following is a full length guitar lesson taken from our course called The Guitar Pro Jam. Have Fun!

Guitar Pro Jam - Rock Groove In A Minor

Step 1 - Watch The Intro Video That Explains This Jam

[progressally_vimeo_video id='106' vimeo_id='108291091' width='600' height='350' ]

Step 2 - Watch Lessons To Learn Rhythms, Leads & More!

Part 1 - Chords

[progressally_vimeo_video id='107' vimeo_id='73976652' width='600' height='350' ]

Part 2 - Rhythm Variations

[progressally_vimeo_video id='108' vimeo_id='73976651' width='600' height='350' ]

Part 3 - Slower Tempo

[progressally_vimeo_video id='109' vimeo_id='73976650' width='600' height='350' ]

Part 4 - Main Solo

[progressally_vimeo_video id='110' vimeo_id='73976653' width='600' height='350' ]

Part 5 - Lick 1

[progressally_vimeo_video id='111' vimeo_id='74121679' width='600' height='350' ]

Part 6 - Lick 2

[progressally_vimeo_video id='112' vimeo_id='74121680' width='600' height='350' ]

Part 7 - Lick 3

[progressally_vimeo_video id='113' vimeo_id='74121682' width='600' height='350' ]

Part 8 - Lick 4/Melodies

[progressally_vimeo_video id='114' vimeo_id='74121681' width='600' height='350' ]

Step 3 - Use The Jam Tracks Below To Work Out Some Cool Licks Of Your Own!

Full Groove

Rhythm Section

Full Tempo: 140 bpmFull Tempo: 140 bpm
140 Full Mix140 Full Mix
Slower Tempo: 120 bpmSlower Tempo: 120 bpm
120 Full Mix120 Full Mix
Slow Tempo: 100 bpmSlow Tempo: 100 bpm
100 Full Mix100 Full Mix

Check Out The Following Lessons & Courses To Help You Make The Most Out Of This Jam!

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Jake Elliott
[progressally_youtube_video id=” youtube_id=’rL26DzwxjIE’ width=’600′ height=’350′ ]


To submit your audio or video tracks, Please send an email to:


Take Notes For This Lesson

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