Hey Everyone,

So I got an email recently from Sandy, a member of the Rock Guitar Power community. She asked an awesome question that I get asked A LOT and the question is:

“Why does it feel like you go over a lick or part of a solo.  Start slow , work on it over and over again.  It seems like you put in a long time just for that on part, let alone the entire song and still cant nail it.”

So to answer her and give her some tips, I made a short video! Check it out below and if anyone else has some tips to help her, please add a comment. ONLY helpful tips please!

If you have questions of your own and would like some input on how I can possibly help you out, please send an email to mike@rockguitarpower.com – If it is a great question, I am happy to create video responses such as this one. Will do my best to get them done as soon as possible!