Mike Deiure Related
– Recording studio and music production facility run by none
other than Mike Deiure
– The offical myspace page of Mike Deiure

Blogs and Forums
– The official Blog of Rock Guitar Power &
– Squidoo pages with relative RGP Content

Tabs, Sheet Music, Accessories and More!
– Go here to get the awesome free Power Tab Editor which enables
you to open power tab files.
– A great search engine to find just about any tab to any song
out there. Power Tab files are my favorite but you can find
many other kinds of music here such as bass and piano.
– This site has a free Metronome that you can use with your
computer speakers. No more complaining about not having a metronome!
– Check out Atlas Music for just about anything you need for
music. Guitars, Band & Orchestral Instruments, Sheet Music,
Accessories and more.

Musicians to check out
– Teagan is an AMAZING and incredibly gifted artist that I recorded
and produced an album (Two Decades and a Dream) for in 07′.
You can learn more about her and hear her music at her website.
– Fred is one of the greatest jazz organists in NY, if not the
whole country. I have taught and developed my methods at Fred’s
teaching studios for years now so check him out and see what
he’s all about.
– Ed is an amazing guitar repair man as well as a guitar builder.
Check him out if your in the Nashville area or is you want some
custom work done.

Bob Prong
– Bob was my main guitar teacher while I was studying guitar
in High School. He is certainly responsible for much of my development
and direction as a player so go check out his site and give
hime some props! He has A LOT of great Free lessons there so
check it out!