Free Guitar Lesson – Clean Up Your Lead Playing

In this video I answer a question sent in by a Rock Guitar Power member. I talk about using your fingers to control the strings that you don’t want to ring out to achieve cleaner lead and rhythm playing. I get asked this question a lot from private students so I wanted to shoot a quick lesson answering it and covering some techniques…. Click Here To Check Out The Free Rock Guitar Power Webinar Mentioned In The Video! The RGP Webinar is a hour and a half long lesson, that you can pick a time that’s take on your own,…

Hard Rock Guitar Lesson – Rock It By Sub Focus

In this lesson we are going to check out a killer hard rock song by the group Sub Focus. They actually write electronic music and I came across this song while listening to Pandora. It’s got the coolest hard rock groove and it’s great for learning by ear, jammin too and soloing over. Check out this video where I teach you the main riffs and talk about how to have some fun rocking out to this track! Here’s a link where you can pick up this track from itunes: Here’s a link to Sub Focus’s Website:

The Storm – Mike Deiure

Here is a video of me performing a classical guitar piece I wrote called “The Storm”. I actually wrote this piece a long time ago but it is still one of my favorites to play.  Check it out and let me know what you think! *There is a little static noise in the recording but it does not last for long