Hey Everyone,
So I recently got back from attending the 2013 NAMM show and had an Awesome time! It’s been 4 years since I last went to the show and I was reminded of how fun, exciting and cool it is to be there.

I shot a lot of video and took a lot of pictures and just finished putting together a really cool video to show you what the show is all about. You can watch the video here:

Feel free to comment on it, leave questions and give it a thumbs up if you like it.
There was a ton of awesome gear, live performances and famous musicians everywhere. I even ran into Stevie
Wonder! No joke (see video).

There were a couple new apps/guitar learning tools that totally blew my mind. I’m going to be doing a separate review for them because I think they are that important to let you know about so keep an eye out for a video where I’m going to show you what I thought were the best new products to check out in 2013.

Mike D