Free Guitar Lesson – Clean Up Your Lead Playing

In this video I answer a question sent in by a Rock Guitar Power member. I talk about using your fingers to control the strings that you don’t want to ring out to achieve cleaner lead and rhythm playing. I get asked this question a lot from private students so I wanted to shoot a quick lesson answering it and covering some techniques…. Click Here To Check Out The Free Rock Guitar Power Webinar Mentioned In The Video! The RGP Webinar is a hour and a half long lesson, that you can pick a time that’s take on your own,…

How To Use And Learn Vibrato On Guitar

The following video is a FREE lesson on how to use Vibrato on guitar.  Learning to use good vibrato is probably one of the best techniques that you can acquire for playing guitar. It gives you the ability to sound more vocal in your playing and can take a standard guitar solo or lick and make it really stand out. Enjoy!

Beginner Guitar Lessons – String Bending

Bending strings causes the pitch of the note fretted to change to a higher pitch. Most commonly strings are bent a whole step (to sound like the note 2 frets higher) But sometimes they can be bent just ½ step (sounds like 1 fret higher) or even higher: 1 ½ steps (sounds 3 frets higher) and the finger-numbing 2 step bend (sounds like 4 frets higher). How to bend a string: (I’m using the 12th fret region of the neck as an example here.) 1. On the 15th fret, 2nd string use your ring finger to fret the note. 2….