The Storm – Mike Deiure

Here is a video of me performing a classical guitar piece I wrote called “The Storm”. I actually wrote this piece a long time ago but it is still one of my favorites to play.  Check it out and let me know what you think! *There is a little static noise in the recording but it does not last for long

Mike Deiure Live Performance

So I recently got the itch to get out and perform some of my tunes.  It’s been awhile but it felt awesome to rock out for a crowd. These videos were taken from an open mic I playe at Lovin Cup in Rochester, NY Check them out and leave a comment if you dig them. The videos were shot on my friends iPhone so if you want to see them better be sure to maximize them. Double Stops: Far From The Middle Of East: Kamakazi: You can hear the full studio recordings of all these, plus some other songs of…

RGPTV#5-New Guitar Melody & Using Effects

Hey everyone, It’s been a little while since the last video but I got some really cool new stuff to show you with this song. I created some new chord progressions, rhythms and melodies. I also started using some guitar effects, like reverb and delay, on the melody guitar.  I’m a big fan of using effects to thicken up the sound and gain some inspiration. In this video I’m going to show you all the new parts as well as how they go together Enjoy!

RGPTV – Episode 4 – Recording and Arranging Ideas In Logic

Welcome to a new episode of Rock Guitar Power TV! In this video I am going to show you how I record and arrange my ideas in a software program called Logic.  Along with using Logic, I also use a program called pro tools to record my ideas. Logic is great because it’s easy to use and has a lot of loops that are easy to work with that help me write. I’m also going to show you how I create backing tracks to jam along to. The main thing to keep in mind when working this way is to…

RGPTV – Episode 3 – Soloing & Shredding Over Chord Changes

It’s shredding time! So I couldn’t help myself. I was really excited to get to doing some lead guitar work over the chord progression I came up with so in this video you get to see me improvise and solo for awhile over the changes. I’m really loving this tracks so far and hopefully this video will show you why. I’ve made the backing track that I’m jamming to available to everyone. It’s in the free backing track section of Rock Guitar Power.  To gain access sign up with your name and email in the box to the right of…

RGPTV – Episode 2 – Rhythm Jamming/Right Hand Technique

I’ve been jamming on the chord changes and have been coming up with some really cool stuff.  I’ve been studying the rhythm techniques of Rodrigo y Gabriella and used some of them in this part. It’s an awesome technique and it sounds really cool. Your able to play triplets very fast and controlled. It brings a lot of fire to the sound.  If you haven’t heard of Rodrigo y Gabriella, check them out! There a huge influence on me. Watch the video here:

RGPTV – Episode 1 – Guitar Chords And Melodies

Alright, welcome to the first episode of Rock Guitar Power TV! In this video I am going to show you the chords and melodies that I’m starting my song off with. It’s in the key of Bm and starts off with the chord progressions: |: Bm | Em D :| I came up with the melody by jamming on the B minor scale.  The rest of the parts are pretty much arpeggios for the remaining chords.  Check out the video to learn more!

Listen To Mike’s Music

As a musician, some of my most favorite music to write is Instrumental Rock songs.  Although I have never really officially released a full album’s worth of content, here are some of my finished tunes. Enjoy! Desperately Odd Measures Desperately Odd Measures Kamakazi Kamakazi Downtime Downtime Double Stops Double Stops A Touch Of Influence A Touch Of Influence Far From The Middle Of East Far From The Middle Of East New Year Jam New Year Jam Remenance Remenance Tides In The Sky Tides In The Sky