Back Pocket Band Review

In this video I give a review of Back Pocket Band by This is an awesome new software that is going to make practicing a ton of fun! Click on the following video to see me using Back Pocket Band and show you all the cool things it can do! To check out Back Pocket Band, click on the following link:

Manhattan Part 2 – Solo And Speed Lesson

It’s Time To Shred! I’ve been cranking away at learning the solo to Manhattan and have it down pretty good. Because this is such a cool solo to play and because the solo lines in it are a great example to use for teaching how to play fast intricate lines, I create a new video showing my progress but also giving you an in-depth lesson on how to learn very fast solo lines! Enjoy!

Playing Bass With Teagan & The Tweeds

I had a blast playing Bass with Teagan & The Tweeds this weekend! This video is from a show we played on 4/16/2011 at Johnny’s Irish Pub in Rochester, N.Y. In it were playing an original tune called “He Gotta Go” To learn more about the BEST band I’ve ever had the pleasure of Recording, Producing, & Playing In, check out their website:

Mike Deiure Plays Some Piano

So I got started in music not on guitar but Piano! I played from 2nd grade all the way up until college. I learned a really cool tune by Yanni called “Marching Season” and in this video I make an attempt at playing it for you. Keep in mind I have not played in awhile so my chops were pretty stale. I had access to a really nice keyboard while a band I was working with had their gear in my studio. So check it out….

RGPTV#6-The New Recording Studio Is Done!

So after months and months of scraping, sanding, painting, building, cutting, screwing and any other construction adjective you can think of… The new recording studio if FINALLY DONE! Here’s a video to give you a quick tour and you get to watch a little bit of the first jam session that went down with Ryan Barclay on drums: Here’s a link to check out a bunch of pictures I took. Check out the before and after! Bob Villa ain’t got nothing on me!:

An Easy Way To Understand Key Signatures

I was working with a student recently and got into the discussion of key signatures. The student was a beginner and had heard of key signature but didn’t really understand anything about them. So to help them out I told them this: You can think of key signatures as scales. In a way they are the same thing.  By this I mean when we say that a song is in the key of “C Major” then the song is based on the C Major scale. If you have heard or seen my lesson on Harmonic Structure (it’s in the paid…