Hard Rock Guitar Lesson – Rock It By Sub Focus

In this lesson we are going to check out a killer hard rock song by the group Sub Focus. They actually write electronic music and I came across this song while listening to Pandora. It’s got the coolest hard rock groove and it’s great for learning by ear, jammin too and soloing over. Check out this video where I teach you the main riffs and talk about how to have some fun rocking out to this track! Here’s a link where you can pick up this track from itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sub-focus/id479992329 Here’s a link to Sub Focus’s Website: http://www.subfocus.com/

Playing Guitar With Your Eyes Closed – A Lesson On Playing Emotionally

One of the aspects of guitar playing that you should always strive for is playing with emotion. Whether it’s your own music or someone else’s. To illustrate this idea and give you some great tips on how to get started, I made a lesson where I play some really intense guitar for you….With My Eyes Closed! Check out the following video where I play the intro to “Asturias” by Isaac Albeniz Now please understand this is not to show off or wax my ego…I find that when you are able to play guitar without looking at it, you can reach…

How To Build On Simple Guitar Melodies

In this lesson I talk about how to take a simple melody and make it more interesting by adding harmony notes. I use the opening section to the song “Circles” by Joe Satriani as an example. I would like to give a HUGE Thanks to Neon Charlie (Charlie Wiley) for created the Neon sign that you see in this video! Charlie has been an RGP member and is a professional neon sign maker. If you would like to get in touch with him about making a sign for your business or whatever…Here’s his info: Charlie Wiley 3697 Greenwood Dr Jonesborough,Tn….

Teaching Others To Play Guitar Make You A Better Player

One of the best ways that I have found to give thanks for something, especially a skill or talent, is to teach it to someone else. While there are many benefits in doing this, some very specific ones come to mind and they are: It makes you better at whatever your doing, It gives someone else the opportunity to learn what you know, and its a great way to show that you aren’t selfish and want to help others. So with this idea in mind, let me give you some in depth reasons why teaching other people guitar makes you…

The Importance Of Warming Up On Guitar

I chose to write about this topic because in the past I have sustained a pretty nasty injury. The actual injury was a result of a combination of things but it has given me a very good reason to remember the importance of warming up before playing and practicing because, due to my injury, I have not been able to play my guitar for over a month! Not cool to say the least. I’ll first give you a quick recap on what happened and then I talk about some exercises and warm up routines that you can do to prevent…

Giving Your Guitar A Routine Checkup

It’s currently the beginning of spring as I write this post and that prompted me to write about a really important topic and that is why it’s important to give your guitar a little checkup. So just like you would give your car an oil change every 3000 miles, It’s important to give your guitar some routine maintenance as well. This is important for both acoustic and electric guitars. Acoustic guitars will sometimes need it more though because they are effected more by climate change. Whenever a new season comes in, the climate and weather change. You also change the…

What Kind Of Guitar Should I Buy

This is certainly one of the most common questions that I hear from people who are interested in learning to play the guitar. My answer to this is simple but I will go into detail so that you can make a well-informed decision when it comes time to pick up your first axe. So the quick and easy answer is……. “Buy a guitar that is going to make you want to Play and Practice!” This sounds simple enough and to be honest, it is as easy as it sounds. Now let me elaborate on this idea and give you some…

How To Write A 16 Bar Guitar Solo

I have a really cool lesson to show you today where we are going to go over how you can write a 16 bar guitar solo! We are going to use some familiar backing tracks and dig into how you can sculpt out your lead playing to be more interested and fun to play! New Jam Track With Bass Line! This is the main jam track you hear in the video. The track is in the key of B minor and the tempo is set at 110 Bpm. If your just starting out, try using the Minor Pentatonic Scale starting…

Asturias Guitar Lesson – Metronome and Melody Practice

In this video I show you the intro to a classical piece called “Asturias” by Issac Albeniz. I use this song to create a lesson about focusing on melody and using a metronome. This is an Awesome piece of music that I have committed learning. Check it out and I’ll keep you up to date on the progress. There are many classical guitarists who play and perform this piece but my favorite is John Williams. Go here to see an amazing performance of it: http://youtu.be/wDAHl54V0CU

Outside Jam Session and Lesson

In this video I am going show you 3 really awesome rhythms that I am working on writing that are awesome to jam to. I’ve included the Jam Tracks below so be sure to check them out and use them to practice your leads and soloing! Jam Tracks! These tracks are in the key of B minor and the tempo is set at 110 Bpm: Jam Track #1: http://rgpvideos.s3.amazonaws.com/Extras/Jamtrack1.mp3 Jam Track #2 http://rgpvideos.s3.amazonaws.com/Extras/Jamtrack2.mp3 Jam Track #3 http://rgpvideos.s3.amazonaws.com/Extras/Jamtrack3.mp3