How To Use And Learn Vibrato On Guitar

The following video is a FREE lesson on how to use Vibrato on guitar.  Learning to use good vibrato is probably one of the best techniques that you can acquire for playing guitar. It gives you the ability to sound more vocal in your playing and can take a standard guitar solo or lick and make it really stand out. Enjoy!

Learning To Play Songs Using Guitar Tabs

The main goal for writing this article is to give you some tips for making it easier when learning other peoples songs using guitar tabs. But first, a little background on what it is to be an emotional player…. As a teacher, I always have students asking me to teach them how to play songs by such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Slash and many other really famous guitarists. Many of these great guitar players are what I like to call “Emotional Players”. When they write and play music, they do so without much thinking or understanding of…