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Earn A $35 Commission On All Sales

We are excited to have you as an affiliate. Please use the sign up form below to apply for our affiliate program. We manually review all submissions and will get back to you shortly with the status of your applications.

We payout a commission of $35 for all sales tracked to your affiliate link. Our funnel starts with the visitor taking a Skill Level Placement Survey (which can be seen here: ).  After they complete the survey they get a free 7 day trial to Rock Guitar Power. After the 7 days they are presented with an offer to either join at the Monthly level or Annual Level.

Our affiliate cookie does not have an expiration on it so it will last as long as the visitor doesn’t clear their cache and cookies.

We do have the ability to create specific landing pages for your needs so if you think you will be sending us a relevant amount of traffic, please let us know and we’ll work with you to ensure that it converts as good as it possibly can.